Originally form Middlesbrough, I studied Fine Art and Illustration at Sunderland University between 2008 and 2012, before setting up a studio in Edinburgh.

My work depicts natural and urban surroundings using a variety of materials and formats. I use a mixture of impressionism and illustration to create tangible, meaningful images that the viewer can simply ‘step-in to’. I infuse my art work with colour and add dramatic overtures that bring to life concepts and emotions, such as, the weathered sky and stormy seas that for many symbolise Scottish landscapes. The materials I use are the most creative and include everyday household items such as, palette knifes, wax and salt and pepper. My inspiration comes from the stunning views and history that makes Scotland the truly beautiful place it is to live and visit.


Creating a painting is a process of discovery for me. I tend to work in acrylic, ink, oil and also sand. I enjoy collaborating with mixed media, creating surface and texture in the paintings through the use of layers, and varying the thickness of the paint from impasto to glazes. It’s a balance between the inspiration and reference point of the landscape and allowing the painting to gain its own identity.

The objective is to return to a unique way of observing my surroundings, my main inspiration is in the Scottish land and seascape. I enjoy using colour to define contours, structure and changing light sequences. I am often awestruck in architecture, and would like the viewer to feel the same emotion when faced with my artwork


I look for unusual structure in land-forms and in coastal areas and try to emphasise their ambiguous qualities. I try in my work to evoke a sense of character in the landscape, to capture the feeling and essence of the landscape on a more intuitive level. I have always been heavily influenced by the Baroque style of oil painting and utilises a combination of Old Masters techniques with my own alla prima style. The practice of glazing is important to the end product.



2018 - Present       Castle Street, Edinburgh

2014 – Present      Art stalls Grassmarket/Stockbridge, Edinburgh/Markets/Highland Shows, Scotland.

2014 – Present      Personal Art Workshops, Scotland.

2013 – Present      Boroughmuir High School


Edinburgh, Scotland.



2012 – 2013      Deans Community High School


Livingston, Scotland.



2008–2012      Sunderland University


B.A (Hons) Fine Art and Illustration



2006– 2008     Cleveland college of Art and Design

BTEC National Diploma in Fine Art

BTEC Photography


2005-2006       Cleveland college of Art and Design

NCFE Art: Figure/Life drawing


2004-2005       Cleveland college of Art and Design

BTEC National Diploma

(3D Interior Design, Architectural Product)


1998 – 2003    Nunthorpe Comprehensive School, Middlesbrough.

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